Shipping Info

Hi our beloved customers! Here is our shipping information for you guys:


 1. Our standard order fulfillment time is around 10 to 15 days.

 2. The shipping cost is automatically calculated through our web system.

 3. Deliveries will arrive at your place around 2 to 3 weeks.

 4. The shipping carrier that we use is China post and e-packet.

 5. You can update your address by log in to your account via Facebook or Gmail.

 6. We provide you with tracking number once you purchase an order. And you     can track it through Alixpress platform.

 7. You will be notice about your shipment through your mailman.

 8. Do I have my items boxed or crafted? It depends on the size or how many       products you purchase. Wrapped in a parcel for small packaging, boxed if the     parcel is more than 500gm.

 9. We don’t charge extra payment for shipment delivery, the delivery cost is   already calculated automatically by our web system.

 10. Your delivery will arrive ASAP within a month if there’s a festive season,     there would be delay at least 2 weeks.

11. Your items will be send upon your doorstep by mailman service.